Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday to you...

Aiden turned 6 months old yesterday! I made cupcakes and took them to daycare to celebrate, even though he can't enjoy them I knew the teachers would. (Yes, I am going to be one of those moms.)
He's changing so much each week. Here are some pictures from last week and some from yesterday when we went for his check up.
*He weighed 16 pounds and 10 oz (which is in the 35%)
*He was 26 inches (which is in the 44%)
This is him yesterday going to the doctor. He was out! He does not sleep very much at daycare usually, so when I picked him up by the time we got to the doctor he was sound asleep. Imagine his face when I had to wake him up to get his shots.

When we got back home I wanted to take pictures of him and of course he spit up right when I picked up the camera. Oh well, I should be used to that now, right?

"Oh, there's my foot".....Going....


Gone! Did I mention he gets a little distracted very easily!

Aiden is on the verge of teething so he is sticking ANYTHING in his mouth...even his own shirt.

Still loves those feet...

We went to Target yesterday and I decided it was time for him to face forward in his stroller....DUH! Why didn't I start doing this sooner. He LOVED it. It kept him entertained the whole time we were there.

Kicked back with one foot hanging out.....I think maybe he was getting a little bored.

He is still loves his exersaucer and is definitely more interested in it than before.

He's been sitting up better every day. (With the assistance of the boppy of course)

Still loving his jumper

He's starting to want to hold his bottle by himself. So cute.

This was in the morning before I took him to daycare....

I love the look on his face in this picture, like "Come on MOM, let's just go!"

Things Aiden is doing these days:
1. He is starting to sit up. Not for a long time, but he's getting there.
2. He is still sleeping about 10-11 hours. But he is definitely an early bird. For some reason he has been wanting to get up between 5-5:30 am. He usually flips over to his back (because he's a tummy sleeper) and is playing with his feet in the mornings. I'm usually already up getting ready for work so it's not that big of a deal. It just gives me more time with him in the mornings, which I love.
3. Smiling ALL the time! He has become a little flirt when we're out and about. It's so funny. Someone will come up to him and he'll give them a little smile and then sometime bury his head in my shoulder. It's so cute.
4. Putting anything and everything in his mouth. Yesterday his Pediatrician said that his two bottom teeth were coming in. I'm patiently waiting for that because I've heard teething is not fun (for Mom or baby).
5. Loves to eat still. He loves all the fruits and vegetables, except the green ones. But that's not surprising.
6. Still wearing 3-6 month clothing, but I don't think that's going to last much longer! I know he looks big in some of those pictures, but he's really not. He's only in the 35th percentile for weight.

He has been so much fun lately. I know I've said this before, but each month really does get easier. Aiden is such a happy little baby and I feel so blessed that God gave us him.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Valentine's day

I know I'm a few days late, but hey-better late than never! Here are some pictures from Valentine's day.
"Pucker up"...Aiden wore this shirt for his little girlfriend in class Madelyn.

My little Stud Muffin...

Get ready......

for a long post! Sorry I have been MIA lately. We've been pretty busy. Last weekend we went to down to my Aunt and Uncle's that live between here and Memphis and my parents met us there. My Aunt and Uncle just moved to TN in October and it's great to have them so close by. Here are some pictures from last weekend and some just from the last few weeks....
All smiles...

Mr. Cool guy! (Thanks Grammy for the sunglasses! They fit great.)

He still loves to jump in the bouncy swing. This definitely keeps him busy for a while.

Hanging out with Mimi

Laughing with my Aunt Judy

Hanging out with my Uncle Bill

Laughing at Kristy

Aiden's jeans are cooler than mine!

He has discovered his feet over the last few weeks and loves playing with them.

Laughing at the elephant on the wall while I was changing him...

Still loving those feet...

Attempting to sit up......we're not there yet, but we're trying!

His best friend Hercules...

What a cutie!!!