Friday, July 31, 2009

Interrupting our vacation pictures.....

to introduce (drum roll please)
Bryce Thomas Williams
Born at 12:57 pm
6 lbs 7 oz
20 in.

My twin sister had her little boy today and we couldn't be more excited. Her water actually broke this morning (which I hardly ever hear of anyones doing these days) at 2 am. She had a great delivery and is doing awesome. Her and the baby are both healthy and we're praising God for that. Bryce is just beautiful (it's okay if you say that about boys right now).
He was a very alert baby.

Look at those feet!
Aiden pointing to Bryce
Bryce and his favorite Aunt (just kidding Jill)
Aiden, Jonathan and Bryce
My dad, me and Bryce

Monday, July 27, 2009

Guatemala July '09 Part 1

Are you ready to look at a LOT of pictures from our trip to Guatemala??? Well I'm breaking it up into 3 parts. Between Margie and I we took about 400 pictures so I'll try to narrow it down to my favorites, but it'll be hard. We had such a wonderful trip down to Guatemala to see Jonathan's parents. This was Aiden's first time to Guatemala. It was his 3rd time on a plane though, but his first two were last summer so it was a little bit easier then. Although he did do a great time on the plane each trip. We brought his DVD player so that helped and he slept on some of the plane rides. I'll start with day one, which was a Friday.......

Waiting at the airport was a breeze. Aiden loved looking at all the airplanes and trucks out on the runway. That kept him entertained the whole time.

I told Aiden to make sure all our bags got on the plane so he's watching real hard so he didn't miss our bags.
Arriving in Guatemala....
Everyone arrived safely and had no problems. I wish I could say the same about Jonathan's bag. Poor thing busted on this trip. The airlines did give us a new bag at no cost. Wasn't that nice of them since it looked like someone drove over our bag.
Saturday morning we woke up and Aiden was already obsessed with their dog Heidi. He would say "Hi-D" and he kept throwing her ball for her. Heidi loved it just as much.
He also loved opening and shutting the door by himself. He wanted him and Heidi to go out by themselves so he's shutting the door behind him.
That morning was pretty relaxing. Ron had a meeting he had to go to so we went to it to take some refreshments then we went by one of the guys favorite restaurants, Pollo Campero. Here's Aiden taking his kids meal home from Pollo Campero. He's one happy guy after he eats.....kind of like his momma.
When Ron got home him and Aiden planted some seeds.
Today was also Ron's birthday! So that was real neat that we got to be there to celebrate his special day with him. Aiden thought he needed help opening gifts.
Aiden playing with Ron's new phone......and Heidi
For dinner that night we went to this really nice steak house........that had a playground INSIDE! It was awesome. Our table was right by the playground so that was perfect.

Gigi and Aiden having fun.

Dada and Aiden
Family pic
Gigi, Pops, Aiden, Jonathan and me after dinner
After we ate Jonathan was trying to tighten up Aiden's carseat and looked who hopped up front to drive!!! I think you're a little too short there buddy.
On Sunday we went to Ron and Margie's church and got to meet their church family, which was fun. I guess too much fun because not soon after we got there Aiden passed out, gone! There was music playing, people talking loud and everything but he slept through the whole thing, which was about 2 hours. And to think I try to tip toe around my house while he's napping.
It was a good thing Aiden took his nap while at church because it gave us all afternoon to go to the zoo.
Aiden, Jonathan and Pops watching the animals.
They have the most amazing zoo. I was very impressed by it. They had so many animals to look at. A lot more than our zoo does. Aren't these lions beautiful? I wanted to go again while we were there but didn't have enough time.
I think I was most amazed by the hippo! I had never seen one in person and they are HUGE....and stinky!

Aiden LOVES the animals, but he was obsessed with wanting the ride the "Whoo, Whoo"....the trains! So Gigi and Pops took him for a ride.
Waiting for his second ride....

...with mom and dad!
Here we are brining up the rear!

After the zoo we went by and got ice cream.
Someone was loving his ice cream and ice cream cone.
Afterwards we came home and Aiden crashed on dadda....
........and then moved over to Pops.

I will post more pictures of the trip. Stay tuned for the next fews days when we go to the beach.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Busy summer.....

I'm sorry I've been the worst blogger lately. Partly because we've been so busy, but mainly because I haven't been good about taking pictures. Here's what our summer has looked like so far (sorry to some of my friends that I had to steal these first few pics from. As I said earlier, I have not been good about getting pictures!).

My OBU girlfriends all met up in Hot Springs one night. It was so fun just hanging out and talking. We had the best time catching up.
That weekend we also had a baby shower for Amber and Anna Beth. She got some wonderful things. And it was fun to see everyone again.
Everyone and the kiddos. Except Bowden, Pierce and Maddox weren't there. My mom brought Aiden and he was trying to eat the jelly beans through the wrapper in this picture. Not a very easy thing to do.
Two weeks later we had Jennifer's wedding in Texas. This is Lauren, me, Dayle and Erin.
This is us at the bridesmaid brunch. Very laid back, but also very fun.
The OBU girls: Amber, Laura, Erin, Jenn, me, Dayle, Lauren and Katie.
Before going over to Texas for the wedding we went to Shreveport to see Ben, Kristen, Isabella and Brooks. We went to Chick-fil-a when we go there and Isabella showed Aiden how to climb up to the top of the playground. He had so much fun.
Aiden and Isabella were holding hands while driving down the road. So sweet. Jonathan and Aiden stayed in Shreveport while I went over for the wedding so I didn't get any more pictures of them, but I know Aiden had so much fun playing with "bebba" and "brooks" (that's how Aiden says their names).
He's moved to the big table (this happened several months ago but I thought I would share). He loves us all sitting together when we eat and we have to pray about 5 times during our dinner. We say "Thank Jesus" and Aiden yells out "AMEN".
He's turned into quite the helper around here. I'm grateful, but I think his daddy is even more grateful. Or maybe he's just glad that something is getting done around here...ha, ha!
This was Aiden and Jonathan on Father's Day. We had a really low key day, but it was nice to all be together. We are so thankful to have Jonathan as the spiritual leader in this house. My favorite part of the day is when Jonathan gets home from work and Aiden gets so excited jumping around and then he takes Jonathan by the hand and wants him to go play right away. So sweet.
We've been spending lots of time at the playground this summer. It's so funny how last summer Aiden could barely get up on the playground and this year he's all over the place and I don't even have to get up there with him. It's so nice.
Since he's been learning his letters he loves this part. He'll yell out all the letters to me.
"Hey Mom!"
And of course he loves the slide.
I promise to get better about posting pictures and taking pictures this summer. I can't believe he will be two next month!!!! He is talking so much now and has just been so much fun. Sometimes it takes awhile to understand what he is saying, but eventually we get it!