Thursday, March 29, 2007


We have been keeping a dog for one of Jonathan's friends for about a month now and I didn't feel right leaving him out! He's been a really good dog so far, but we're only keeping him until May or June. He looks like one of those bobble heads because his face is a LOT bigger than his body. He's pretty cute, but don't worry I'm not getting too attached! Three dogs and a baby would not be my idea of fun!

Sunday afternoon

One great thing about living here are all the parks they have to offer. Last Sunday we took the dogs to one of the parks and they LOVED it! When Monday morning rolled around neither of them wanted to get out of bed because they played so hard. Thank goodness we don't count on them to go to work and make a living. They'd sleep on the job all day.

Soon to be Big Brother and Big Sister

Although the picture does not show it, Hercules and Boo are very excited about becoming a Big Brother and Big Sister. This is what they wore when we told my parents we are having a baby. Notice the letter "E" on their shirts. They tried to help me make the shirts and since they can't spell they got them all turned around. Hopefully our child will be a better speller! Herc also wanted me to remind you that the camera adds 10 pounds!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

New edition to the Carothers family

By now most of you know that we're expecting a baby on Sept.9th! This picture is from our first visit on January 30th (I know I'm a little behind)! We've been to the doctor 2 other times since then and have gotten to hear the heartbeat both times. It was amazing! I decided to do this blog so we can share with friends and family everything going on with us. We are so excited and we get to find out in less than three weeks what we're having.