Wednesday, March 10, 2010

January/February '10

Wow, has it really been 2 months since I posted anything. I guess so! I decided I better put some pics on here before our little girl gets here. Only 2 months from today that she'll arrive. May 10th is the day we have scheduled. It seems like these past two months have flown by. I have to be honest, I haven't been the best about taking pictures. I need to start getting more of Aiden before Kennedy arrives. Oh and we have decided on a name Kennedy Anne. Kennedy is Jonathan's grandmothers maiden name and Anne was my middle name. I want to try and take more pictures of Aiden before she comes and also do more post of him. Hopefully I can keep this up before she gets here.
So here goes the longest post I have probably ever done. First we'll start out with the beginning of January. My sister Jill and her family live in San Antonio now so Aiden and I took a trip out to see them. Jonathan wasn't able to go because we went during the week and he had to work. Now that Aiden is over 2 he has to have his own seat, which he didn't seem to mind. He loved it.
Having him in the window seat definitely kept him entertained.
Pulling down the window shade also kept him pretty entertained.....well at least for a few minutes.
Candy, snacks and a DVD player did the trick for the majority of the trip.
My sister and her little boy Bryce went with us too. The flight down there we each had our own row, so that was nice.
When we got there Aiden decided he needed a snack and to relax in Yancey's chair.
One morning Aiden and Carter dog piled Yancey. It was pretty funny.
My sweet niece Evan sleeping through the whole thing.
Riding in the car was fun with 3 adults in 4 children. Here's Bryce and Evan enjoying the ride.
Aiden eating a popsicle. I think he and Carter went through about 2 boxes of those mini-popsicles. And yes, he does have on his pj's eating a popsicle. He was probably having one for breakfast....don't judge, we were on vaca!
For some reason Aiden LOVED this helmet of Carter's. He's trying to eat his snack while wearing it.
We celebrated Carter's birthday while we were there.
Jill showing them how to play the game Operation.
Aiden telling Evan how sweet she is.
They have this chair that spins around and Aiden loved having Carter spin him around.

The last day we were there we went down to the Riverwalk and took a boat ride. Jill, me and Kristy.
It was kind of chilly so Evan wore her cute little hat.
Aiden and mommy
Aiden and Carter
The sisters again with Evan.
Before we left for our trip I was really worried about taking Aiden in the airport by myself. Just because I was 5 months pregnant and didn't know if I could keep up with him and our carry ons. So my friend gave me this backpack with a leash to try. I am usually against these, but I was desperate. I wanted to try it before we left to see if he liked it.
Well he loved it! But when he started asking me to put on the dogs leashes I thought that was a little too much so I decided I couldn't do that to him.
He did however play around the house in it!
Haircut before we left for the trip.
Close up (could he look more like his daddy??? I don't think so!)
Just hanging out on the stairs.
Another weekend in January we decided to try the Adventure Science Center here. It's this place kids can just experience all kinds of neat things. It's all hands on so they learn about science and have fun. This is Aiden driving a car and it's showing how the car works.
In the toddler section on the bus.
Playing in the train.
Daddy and Aiden
Throwing balls
They had a pretend ambulance that Aiden had so much fun in pushing all the buttons and acting like he was driving.
Watching the parachutes.
Sliding down the big slide with daddy.
We've also had LOTS of snowy days this winter. This was probably during the first one where we got stuck in the house for four days. We played with play-dough a lot!
Daddy and Aiden out in the snow.
Mommy and Aiden. He didn't really care too much about the snow because it had ice under it so it was not easy to walk in.
Most kids like to come in from the snow and have hot chocolate, not Aiden. He wanted a popsicle!

There are so many other things we have been up to this year so far. But like I said earlier I haven't been good about getting pictures lately. We are busy getting ready for Kennedy to get here. I'm excited because Jonathan is painting her room and Aiden's room this weekend. We are moving Aiden to a bigger room and putting him in a full size bed. Right now he is in his toddler bed, but we need it to turn back into a crib for Kennedy. We have both of their beddings and I will post pictures of their rooms when we are done with them. I can't wait. I'm also excited about the weather getting nicer outside. We have already been to the zoo twice! More pics to come because I promise to get better about taking pictures :)