Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Aiden!!!!

Our little man turned two on Friday so we had his birthday party this weekend. We just had it at our house this year with family and friends. It was a lot of fun.
Here's the family.
The sign I made.

My monkey cupcakes. We did an animal theme this year since Aiden LOVES animals.
This is his room after the kids got done playing. They pulled out just a few toys.
Some of the guest.....Audra and Aaden
This is what my sweet little nephew Bryce did the whole party! I guess he's not much of a party animal yet.
Getting ready to sing to Aiden.
Some more of the guests.
Aiden had to take a little break before going to open up gifts. Must be a rough life!
Holding up the Mickey 2 card! (Forgot to mention that I did color my hair. This is closer to my natural color, which is a dirty blonde. I just thought I'd do something different for the fall. And this will be easier to maintain.)
Holding Aiden while everyone sang to him. He's about to dive into that cupcake.
Licking the icing off the candles.
Reed showing him how to open gifts.
He was more interested in what was on the outside of the gift.
He got this really neat puzzle. Might be a little advanced for him now, but he loves looking at the picture.
Opening up one of the Razorback shirts my parents got him. Of course the boy has to have Razorback stuff for the football season coming up.
Madelyn and Aiden playing with another block puzzle he got.
Playing with a Cars book. BTW, his favorite movie right now is Cars so we did get him a lot of Cars things.
He got this really neat truck from Kristy and Paul. His buddy Carter is trying to figure it out.
He's loving tractors too so he got some John Deer tractors
His new bike from Mimi and Papa. He was so excited to ride it.
You can kind of see in this picture that Aiden's shirt has an elephant on it. He has been obsessed with elephants for a while now. They are definitely his favorite animal so it only seemed appropriate that he wore an elephant shirt for his birthday.
We had out this beautiful ark we got in Guatemala.
And his giraffe we got in Guatemala. His Gigi and Pops got him this. I'm going to have to do a separate post on all the cool toys we got in Guatemala. They were all so neat.
We had such a wonderful party, but even more it was fun to celebrate Aiden turning 2. It seriously seems like just yesterday we had his one year old party. Aiden has brought SO much joy to our lives. We feel so privileged that God chose us to be his parents. What an honor. I love being with him every day and just getting to see all that he is doing. He is talking like crazy now and is always doing something that makes us laugh. I seriously think just in the past week he has been doing things that make me laugh so hard I cry. I will be putting his 2 year pictures up next and I'll let you know all he's saying. It's so cute. We love you so much little man.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Last but not least, Part 3 of our trip to Guatemala

The next day was our next to last day there. We woke up and drove down to Antigua, (which is just about an hour away) to go shopping. Antigua is a beautiful town with cobblestone roads and it used to be the capital a long time ago. The day we went was a gorgeous day.

Here we are on the arch street.
Beautiful picture with the colorful buildings and the volcano in the background.
Another picture of the volcano.
Me and Jonathan
Aiden in the market checking out the monkey.
"Can I ride this thing?"
Jonathan and I at lunch. We ate at this place called The Crazy Monkey and they had these nachos that were out of this world, crazy good.
Margie, Aiden and I waiting on our awesome nachos. (Did I mention they were good???)
Jonathan and his dad.
While we were driving through Antigua Aiden got to sit up front with the guys because you're going like zero miles per hour (or at least it felt like that) since the roads are cobblestone. Aiden thought he was such a big boy sitting up there.
The one thing Aiden STILL talks about from our trip is riding the "Tuk Tuk". Him and Ron rode this while we were in Antigua and almost every day Aiden reminds me that he rode the tuk tuk with Pops. "I ride tuk tuk with Pops".......(hey at least he's making full sentences now.)
Aiden and Pops waiting on us while we shop.
Aiden playing the marimba.
How many marimba's can I play?
Picking out a bus.
Pops and Aiden walking through the market. He's carrying his new tracker.
Getting sleepy
Asleep on dadda
My turn to carry him
Mom and Aiden's favorite thing to do....sleep
When we got back home it was time to play with the bubbles.
The bubbles also had a whistle on one end. Multifunctional toys are the best!
The next morning (Friday) was our last day. Aiden didn't want to stop giving Heidi LOTS of hugs...
and more hugs.....
and MORE hugs! I guess he wanted to make sure she knew how much he loved her.
Then he couldn't decide if him and Heidi should color.....
throw the ball.......
"Here you go Heidi".....
laugh really hard.......
or just hug!
That morning we went to another local market to shop some more.
Gigi and Aiden at the fountain.
Aiden playing with his new train.
Snack time.
Then it was time to go home :(
On our trip from Guatemala to Dallas we got really lucky because no one sat in between us so Aiden got his own seat. It was so nice. He just sat there and watched his DVD for most of the trip.
Then he discovered Jonathan's cool head phones. (Jonathan looks thrilled that he got stuck with the cheap head phones.....ha, ha!)
Then we had a pretty long lay over in Dallas so we did a lot to keep Aiden entertained. We rode the air tram for a VERY long time. Can't you see the excitement on Jonathan's face.
Then we were right by this play area so we spent a lot of time there as well.
Did lots of climbing.
And driving.......
And then he fell asleep right when we got on the plane and slept the entire way home from Dallas to Nashville.
What a great trip! Sorry there are so many pictures but I wanted to remember every day of this trip and everything we did and this was the best way for me to do it. I'm so thankful that we got to take this trip. Thank you Ron and Margie for a wonderful time. We love and miss you guys.