Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Valentine's.....

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day.  I know I did because I got to spend it with my two guys.  We went to the park that afternoon and had lots of fun.  Aiden just loves being outside so we try to take any opportunity we can to take him out and play.  

Aiden and Jonathan about to go down the slide.  (And Jonathan asking me why I'm taking a picture of their every move!!!)
There he goes....
That was fun!  Crazy hair and all!!!
Jonathan and Aiden kicking the soccer ball around.  Aiden loves kicking the ball around.  Maybe he will be a soccer player like his daddy. 
Hercules and Boo even got to come.  We had to tie them up while we were on the playground, though, because there were other kids around.  (And one of our dogs doesn't know the meaning of "stay".  I'm not mentioning any names, but his tail does curl up.)
That morning we went to McCade's birthday party.  It was a giraffe theme and his mom even dressed him as a giraffe!  It was so cute/funny.  
Little McCade....I'm saving this picture for his high school yearbook!  
This is just some random time before we were about to leave the house and Aiden was posing for the camera.  Not sure what he was doing, but I thought it was cute.
He loves to "help" when it's time for the dogs to eat.   The poor dogs don't ever get to eat in peace.  They are usually trying to chase Aiden down because he's carrying their food around.
Aiden thought Hercules would like to eat his food off the floor instead of from his bowl so he's pouring it out for him!!!
The other day I was outside of Aiden's room and I thought he was in there playing.  Well then I noticed his lights going on and off and ran in there and this is what I found....
Aiden had climbed up no his changing table!  

Thursday, February 5, 2009


We finally got a new camera!!! Yeah!  Aiden has learned what the word "CHEESE" means when we turn on the camera.  He just smiles so big.
Jonathan's mom came and stayed with us a few days last week because she was flying at of here to go meet Ron.  This is her and Aiden after his bath.  
Aiden has started to love his stuffed animals.  This is Clifford and it was actually Jonathan's when he was little.  It's so cute to see Aiden with it now.  
We went to Little Rock last weekend for a very quick trip.  We went for my nephew Carter's 5th birthday party, but of course we had to go to the mall while we were there.  This is Aiden and Carter at Gymboree while we shopped.  
Then we had Carter's party on Saturday morning at the Jump Zone.  This is us before all the kids got there and it got too crazy.  
Carter and Aiden eating cake.
Notice Aiden's the only one still at the table.  He really liked that cake!!!
Carter playing on one of the bouncy things (not sure what you call those).
Aiden telling everyone he's a "ton of fun".
Aiden was too small to go down these by himself so momma got to go along.  I didn't mind. I was always a big fan of playgrounds growing up.
Aiden is learning a little bit of sign language and this is him telling me "PLEASE take me again!"
Aiden was a little nervous about going in these things at first, but towards the end he was so excited to go in one.  I thought this was funny because he looks like he's ready to play football.  
Like I said earlier, he has really been in to his stuffed animals, but his favorite is his elephant.  He's even been sleeping with it (that and his blanket of course).  
He wants NO help feeding him these days.  He wants to do everything on his own.  He's getting real good at using a fork and spoon so that's good.  
He's really been in to puzzles lately.
And trying to keep away from the dogs!  He climbs up into his chair in his room so they can't get his snack!   Smart boy.
This is before we left for Mother's Day Out this morning.  He clearly did not want his vest on!  

Monday, February 2, 2009

I've been tagged

A couple of my friends have tagged me...and i thought this would be fun. so, here's what you do:
1. go to your 4th folder where you store your photos.
2. select the 4th photo (no exceptions).
3. post the picture with an explanation and link it back to your tagger.
4. tag 4 people do do the same.

Well, this is Hercules and Boo on Halloween a couple of years ago.  (I think 2005) I used to LOVE dressing them up for Halloween (and they loved it too, can't you tell!).  That year Hercules was Frankenstein and Boo was a Princess.  I'm so glad this picture came up because they hardly ever make the blog anymore!