Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My baby is one......and then some!

So as we all know I am a little late with this post.  Aiden turned one over 3 weeks ago!  It's still hard to believe, though.  If someone would have told me this time last year how fast it would go by I wouldn't have believed it.  Aiden has been such a blessing to our family and I just can't imagine life without that little guy.  Here are some things he is doing at 1 year.....
  • At his one year appointment weighed in at 24 pounds, 31.5 inches tall.  He's in the 66% for weight and 88% for height!  He grew 4 inches since his 9 month appointment!
  • Walking/running every where.  He started walking around 10 1/2 months  so now he has mastered running!
  • Drinks whole milk now out of sippy cup.  No more formula, no more bottles!
  • Loves to throw a ball.  He's pretty much obsessed with any ball.  
  • Which brings me to he says ball, dada, momma (sometimes, not often) thank you and jipper jappers a lot.
  • Eating mostly table foods (when he's not sick) Yogurt, lima beans, and black beans are some of his favorites.  And we just found out that he also loves cheese quesadillas.  
  • Trying to drop his morning naps (which is fun for mom).  Mostly just takes 1 really good nap in the middle of the day.  Maybe once a week he will still take a morning nap.
  • Has 7 teeth and it looks like the eye teeth on the top are coming in any day now
  • Loves to climb up on the couch and chairs.  He is definitely all boy!  
  • He started Mother's Day out at our church 2 days a week.   Even though I miss him so much while he's there it has been a nice time for me to get things done.  

Here are some pictures of him climbing up on the chase lounge........

Sometimes he uses Boo to help him up!  
He gets so excited when he's finally up there!!!  Boo gets excited too...
Then he decides the chair isn't good enough, he wants on the couch now.....
So over he goes.....
He's obsessed with my phone and the remotes.  I'm sure when he realizes that my phone is pink he won't have anything to do with it.....
He loves his chair he got for his birthday...

He even likes standing in it!!!
He loves reading books......well maybe not so much.  But I do try reading to him, he's just more interested in eating the book then listening to me read to him.  
He loves little Boo.  He loves Hercules, too, but Herc won't let him love on him like Boo will.  Herc just runs away!  
He's still loves cheesing it for the camera!  
Here's his backpack and lunch box for Mother's day out.  His backpack he has had for a while, but he received his cute lunchbox for his birthday from some of our friends.  
They (the teachers) made this for the kids at MDO.  Isn't it too cute!  I wish you could see some pictures of Jonathan as a kid because this picture looks JUST LIKE HIM!  I mean we always knew that Aiden looked just like Jonathan, but this picture looks exactly like Jonathan as a kid.  I love how Aiden looks like he is taking a mug shot.  Too funny!  

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The big P-A-R-T-Y....

We had Aiden's birthday party at our house and just had some close friends and family over.  Jonathan grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and we all had a wonderful time.

The birthday cake, which was a cupcake cake.  It matched the invites.  I thought it turned out so cute.
Aiden making his rounds saying hi to everyone (with Papa John's help).
The family!

My Uncle Bill and Aunt Judy
My cousins Mark and Andy 
Of course Aiden's girlfriend Madelyn was there
Granddaddy Ron with Aiden
Mimi, Grammy, and Papa John

Some of our friends from small group at church
My sister-Kristy, My sister-in-law-Nekayeh, and Margie
Nekayeh, Margie, and me
Me and Kristy

Now it's cake time!  He didn't dig into it like I thought he would.  I was trying to show him what to do...
He kept wondering why everyone was looking at him while he was trying to eat!

Present time....
Of course he was more interested in the box that the gift came in rather then the actual gift!  

This book was so cute!  
Aiden received so many wonderful gifts, books, clothes and toys.  We are truly so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

But I do think one of his favorites was this piano...
"Is this thing on???"
"I'd like to give a shout out to everyone that came today!"
Mimi and Grammy with Aiden
Granddaddy Ron and Papa John with Aiden

Stay tuned for "OMG my baby is 1" and "The Carothers take over Destin 2008"......I'm too tired to post anymore tonight.  It's way past my bed time.  

Get ready......

because I have a LOT of catching up to do.  I'm sure you've all been wondering where we've been these last fews weeks and why we weren't blogging!   Let me catch you up on what we've been doing and then I'll show you pictures (I know the pictures are way more exciting).  Well since I last posted Aiden got the stomach bug and was throwing up for about 4-5 days (it was so sad), then we went to the beach with Jonathan's family (lots of pics from that), then we got back from the beach last weekend and this week Aiden got sick again!  This time with a virus that caused him to have a really high temperature and sores in his mouth and tongue that looked like cold sores.  So he wasn't eating again because of that.  Why does Aiden keep getting sick you ask....well I started him at Mother's Day Out at our church 2 days a week.  I guess it's just going to take some time for him to get used to being around a lot of kids again.  Hopefully (I'm praying) that this is just building up his immune system!!!  So I'm picking up from where I left off the last time I blogged.  I'll take you back to the last week of August......(just play along with me so I don't feel so bad about being 3 weeks behind on blogging)....

That week we celebrated my birthday by going out to eat at Chili's.   Jonathan's parents were in town for Aiden's big b-day party that weekend.  Ron was taking the picture so that's why he wasn't in it.  
The next day was AIDEN'S big day.  Since his birthday fell on a Thursday this year we just did something small on his actual birthday and saved the big party for the weekend.  He looks a little confused in this picture.
We gave him a cupcake for his birthday since we were saving the big cake for the party
Birthday guy!!!
Tearing into the cupcake
This is good....

So I decided it was time for a much needed haircut for Aiden and his first b-day was the perfect time to do it.
It had gotten so long

So off to get his haircut when went.  He was so excited when we got there....
 And then the fun begun......."You're doing what????"
"I don't think so!!!!"
Everything is always better in daddy's lap or with a comb in your mouth!
Such a big boy getting his first hair cut
The result......so handsome!  And made me realize he's not a little boy anymore!