Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2nd hair cut....

I finally took Aiden over the weekend to get his second hair cut.  If you look at the post below or look at Erin's blog you will see how bad he needed a hair cut.  He did great.  He just sat in my lap the whole time, but I made sure he had thinks to play with.

Not to sure if I've ever mentioned Aiden's blanket on here.  He is not a paci baby, never was.  But around 6-7 months we started giving him this little lovey.  Well he LOVES it!  He always has it when he goes to sleep and he carries it with him every where.  As you can tell by the pictures that it is pretty nasty.  Lauren's mom gave it to him at one of my showers and who would have known that is his favorite.  Well of course it has been so hard to find another one exactly like it.  Then Lauren gave me the idea to check ebay and there one was.  So Aiden is getting a new one for Christmas.  
The weird part about it is that it shoves it in his mouth and sucks on it?!?!  I don't think anything about it now.  Whatever makes  him happy, right???  
Aiden looking at me like he's annoyed that I keep following him around with a camera!  
So then he decides to get up close and personal!  Hey Aiden!  

We're heading to NLR tomorrow for Thanksgiving!  We're so excited.  Well not really about the drive, but about seeing family and friends......and of course eating my mom's food.  She's the best cook!  Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!  

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Catching up......

So I feel like I put that as my title a LOT!  Oh well, as long as I get around to posting everything eventually, right?  Don't you just love this fall weather.  Of course along with the weather comes all the sickness.  We have been dealing with that a lot.  At first it was a double ear infection and then right when we got over those Aiden got Croup, which he is still trying to get over.  Poor little guy sounds awful.  And of course there is nothing they can do for it.  The only way I'm getting to post things now is because he's been taking a 3 hour nap right now because last night he was up all night coughing!  So if you think about it please say a little prayer for Aiden.  Last weekend we did get to go to the zoo though.  We got a year long family pass to the zoo and we're so excited.  
Aiden looking at the meerkats.  Those things are hilarious.  
Me and Aiden checking out the giraffes.  
We thought this elephant was so funny.  It kept throwing branches on his back.  Hey, whatever keeps you entertained!!
Me and Aiden checking out the tigers.  Doesn't he look so interested!!!
The beautiful white tiger
Aiden feeding the camels some leaves....

Aiden definitely was not scared to go up to these goats....
Petting the baby goat
Wait for momma...
They have the coolest jungle gym, but of course Aiden is too small for it so we took him to the toddler area.  They have the mats out for the kids to jump on and Aiden looks like he's saying, "Now what????"  
Stylin' in his "Most Eligible Bachlor" shirt

And of course we can't forget Halloween.  My little Incredible Hulk.  We had a great Halloween night this year.  We went over to some friends house that have a bunch of kids on their street and Aiden had so much fun chasing all the "big kids" around.  
I was amazed that he would keep this thing on his head!
Dadda with his little hulk
The Family
And of course we can't forget Halloween '07.  I was a little disappointed with myself for not dressing the dogs up this year, but we can still get a good laugh from last year, right?  I can't believe Aiden was so small this time last year.