Thursday, May 21, 2009

Carter + Aiden = Best Buds

We went to North Little Rock over the weekend and the majority of the time this is what Aiden and Carter were doing.  Aiden had so much fun playing with his cousin Carter this past weekend.  Anything Carter would do, Aiden would want to do.  It was so cute.  And Carter was so good with him.  It was so sweet to see them playing together.  
Carter got his work out pushing Aiden around.  But they both had a blast. 
So sweet.  He was just sitting there watching Carter run around the yard.  
Oh Carter!  You're so funny!  
Carter thought they "needed" a snack.  So he went inside and got juice boxes and chips.   
"Here Aiden try these.  I know you will love them."
Aiden loves putting on hats.  This is Carter's fireman hat that he kept putting on.  
This was Carter and Aiden a year ago!  I just had to put this is to show how much they have changed in a year.  It's much easier for them to play together now that Aiden is bigger. 
Carter has always been so sweet with his cousin.
Now this is the real reason we went to NLR.  Kristy had her baby shower.  This is me and my pregnant sisters.  Jill is due the very beginning of November and Kristy is due the very beginning of August.  
My mom, Kristy and Sandra (Paul's mom) at the shower.
I didn't get any pictures of her opening up gifts because I was trying to keep up with Aiden.  Sweet Sydney came to the shower with her mom and her and Aiden had fun running around together.  
Isn't this a cute pic of Sydney.  I couldn't get Aiden to look up, but you can see where he just spilled a drink down his shirt.  He wanted to drink out of a cup like the grown-ups were doing.  

We had so much fun seeing everyone.  I went out with a few of the OBU girls to US Pizza on Sunday night, but of course I didn't get a picture.  It's always fun being back in Arkansas.  Sure do miss it and everyone there.  

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and a few favorites

You just never know how much you can love one person until you have children.  I LOVE being Aiden's mom.  Even more I love being able to spend every minute of every day with him.  It's not until you have children that you realize nothing else matters but them!  I couldn't read that somewhere, someone showed me that.  And that someone was my mom.  Thank you mom for being so selfless and putting us always before yourself.  Happy Mother's Day to my mom (Mimi) and Jonathan's mom (Grammy).  I feel so blessed to have two GREAT examples of mothers in my life.   You both mean so much to us.  
Aiden and Jonathan gave me this for Mother's Day.  It means so much to me because when my grandmother passed away 15 years ago all the granddaughters got diamond necklaces.  Well the setting was in gold and I just haven't worn it in a long time.  Jonathan took the diamond and put it in this platinum setting.  I love it and now I can always think of her when I wear it.  
Aiden sporting his "Mom's #1 Fan" shirt.  He asked to wear it.  I had nothing to do with it.  
Sunday after lunch we ran a few errands and somehow Aiden always finds the toy section wherever we go.  This is him checking out some riding toy that I'm pretty sure he's not big enough for.  
Here are a few of Aiden's favorite things lately:
Wearing hats.  Sometimes it's his hats, but a lot of times it's one of ours, so of course  it's too big.  
He has been obsessed with wearing his shoes and socks at ALL times.  He'll wake up and say "Shoes", "Socks" and want them on immediately.  It's so funny.  So this is him sporting his socks over his pj's, wearing his hat and eating strawberries (his new favorite food).
Cheesing it for mom
He has been cracking us up with these funny faces.  I'm not too sure where they are coming from.  
He loves Mother's Day Out.  This is one of his teachers.  I'm sad because Mother's Day Out is ending this week.  He has LOVED going and we are going to miss it this summer.  
He has loved this leap frog letter toy we got.  You put these cards in and spell out the words.  Aiden is getting so good at picking out the letters.  
Hercules thought he saw some food on Aiden's chin so he was licking Aiden.  Of course Aiden didn't mind.  
Aiden LOVES going to the zoo.  A few weeks ago we went with Madelyn and her mom.  (Or as Aiden likes to call her, "Mad Mad").
Checking out the monkeys
Trying to steal a sip of mom's drink
"Who me?  Does this face look like I could do anything wrong???"