Thursday, March 29, 2007

Soon to be Big Brother and Big Sister

Although the picture does not show it, Hercules and Boo are very excited about becoming a Big Brother and Big Sister. This is what they wore when we told my parents we are having a baby. Notice the letter "E" on their shirts. They tried to help me make the shirts and since they can't spell they got them all turned around. Hopefully our child will be a better speller! Herc also wanted me to remind you that the camera adds 10 pounds!!!


Anonymous said...

You might should have gotten Herc a little bit bigger looks like the seams are screaming. Be sure not to put it in the dryer.

Uncle Ben

Anonymous said...

See Herc can't spell and he's from Magnolia so it's not just an NLR thing!


Corbin said...

HI hercules and Boo y'all are too cute!!! I am getting fat too!!! My mom went and got me some new clothes she will put pictures of me in it on the blog soon!!! Can't wait to see how you both adjust to the baby!!! Love Stella!