Monday, April 16, 2007

This weekend's adventure

This past weekend we went to Roanoke, VA for Jonathan's cousins wedding. It was great seeing all his family. We missed everyone that couldn't be there. David's wife Nekayeh couldn't come, Ben wasn't able to attend and neither was Ron. So the Carothers family was not complete, but we still all had a good time. We got to spend lots of time with our little neice Isabella and that's always special. Pretty soon she'll have a little cousin to boss around!


Anonymous said...

You look so pretty Julie!
Love, Kristy

The Walkers said...

You always look pretty in red, but WOW! Hot Momma!

Anonymous said...

Sure was a fun weekend -- went by way too fast though! Next time I get to see you, our baby will probably be here. Makes me happy and sad at the same time. I don't want to wait that long to see you again....but I am excited to see our baby boy! You look GREAT!! You guys will be WONDERFUL parents!