Friday, May 4, 2007

Weekend with Carter, Jill, and Yancey

I've been meaning to post these pictures all week. Last weekend Jill, Yancey and Carter came to visit. We had the BEST time. First we went shopping out at Opry Mills. The first picture is of Carter at the Disney store trying to decide if he was going to get Mickey or Donald. He got both because he was so good! Saturday we took him to the zoo. It was so fun to see how excited he would get about all the animals. The last picture is of him on the couch with all his stuff animals he ended up with over the weekend. He came with George the monkey and Brother the dog, but while he was here he got Mickey, Donald, and "Nash" the elephant from the Nashville zoo. Carter was so fun to have around and it just made me more excited about having a little boy! We loved our time with them all and can't wait until they come back and visit. The sweetest picture we did not get was one night Carter and I were both exhausted and when fell asleep on the couch he had his hand resting on my belly. It was the sweetest thing and I'm so upset we didn't get a picture of it. He's such a sweet little boy!


Anonymous said...

I miss Carter too! I am sorry I didn't take that pic of Carter & you sleeping!
Love, Kristy

Anonymous said...

He is SO CUTE!