Tuesday, July 10, 2007

"If men had to have babies, there'd be a whole lot less people in this world"

This is the best thing anyone has said to me since I've been pregnant. I've posted on here before how people make the most outrageous comments to you when you're pregnant because they feel as though it's an open door for them to say ANYTHING. There is no filtering when it comes to comments to a pregnant lady. I've heard it all from,"Are you sure you're not having twins?" or "You look like you're ready to pop!"
So thank you to my friend at work who made this comment because it just made my day. It's so true if you think about it. If men had to have babies, after one they would be done with it and have no more. Of course I have not been through the whole labor part yet, but I have been through the back pain, leg cramps, nausea and all the other wonderful things you go through for 9 months. So after all that said, I know God knew what he was doing when he made the women the ones that had babies!!!!


The Proctors said...

Hey Julie! I read your comment on my blog so I wanted to post on yours and tell you that I've been reading yours for a couple of weeks after I saw the link on Dayle's and just haven't commented! Congrats!! Isn't it so exciting? We are getting so close, and you will probably go before me since my history is to go late! It's so neat to be able to keep up with you! Amen to your post about men having babies! If they only knew what we had to go through, right? I love the name you have picked out and your nursery is looking really cute! Can't wait to read more posts!

The Walkers said...

Amen sister!!! Just wait until labor and nursing. Seriously, no man that has witnessed pregnancy, child birth and nursing will ever really doubt again who the "stronger sex" is!!! Love you!

Corbin said...

I agree. The other day mine watched me move my baby grand piano across the floor while he was playing nintendo!!! Next time I feel sick I am headed his way instead of the bathroom!!!!

Margie Carothers said...

Can't wait to hear about the doctor's appointment today. You are doing GREAT! People can be so unkind with their comments, but you seem to be handling everything so well. Hang in there! Aiden will be here soon and it will be well worth it all!

We are having a ball with Isabella! She is so precious! Everytime I look at her I am imagining how our little Aiden will look. Can't wait to welcome him to our family!

Love and miss you so much!

the wheats said...

hey! just read your comment and checked out your blog! you are looking too cute and i am so excited for you! looking forward to keeping up with you guys and little aiden! you don't have very much longer to go...but don't think the unsolicited comments and advice stop at delivery...ha! just listen to your doc and those you trust and ignore everyone else!