Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year's with the Carothers...

So I know this is a little late, but better late than never! I wanted to post some pictures from when Jonathan's family was here. We didn't get too many though because that was the weekend Aiden got really sick.
We started off the weekend getting a family picture. We started this tradition last Christmas and for Christmas this year this was the only thing Margie asked for. I think we could handle that!

How sweet is this picture of Aiden and Isabella. She kept patting him on the head like he was a little dog.

Aiden got worn out hanging out in his bouncy swing. He loves this thing! (Thank you Wes and Wendy!)

This was the morning Aiden woke up really sick. It breaks my heart to look at this picture because I can just see it in his eyes that he's not feeling well. I'm so glad we got through this. Praise the Lord!

While he was sick he slept a lot while we were holding him. Here's Aiden sleeping on Granddaddy.

Sleeping on Grammy...

The gang on New Year's Eve playing games.

After New Year's day we took Aiden back to the doctor. On our way home he fell asleep and slept in his car seat for 4 hours! We were not about to wake him and move him to his bed.

After the trip to the doctor Aiden definitely started feeling better. They did a breathing treatment on him and I really think that helped. Plus the antibiotic they gave him was nice, too!

We even got to do some shopping on Grammy's last day here.

Last week Jonathan and I had to take turns taking off to be with Aiden. I'm so glad we were able to stay home with him because it gave him a chance to get better.

Aiden has been doing great eating his fruits and vegetables and rice cereal. He loves sweet potatoes and apples. He has started sleeping through the nights 10-11 hours, which is definitely a blessing. It's nice to finally feel like Jonathan and I have some time together in the evenings. I'll post some pictures soon of him eating his fruits and vegetables. It's so cute.


the wheats said...

so glad little aiden is feeling better...he is the cutest!

Rhonda said...

Those pics are precious!

Jeremy and Melissa said...

Thanks for catching us up, Julie. I'm glad that Aiden is feeling better. My favorite pic is the one of his asleep in the jumper. :)

julia said...

Aiden, I'm so glad you're feeling better! But, I have to say, you're still really cute even when you're sick.
J and J- I love the picture of the whole family! Ya'll should do that every time the Carothers are in the States.

Meredith said...

It's so sad when they are sick. I'm glad he is all better now. Love all the pics. He is really growing a lot.