Sunday, April 27, 2008

What we've been up to lately.....

Where do I start??? Aiden has been very active lately. One of my friends from my old job gave me a walker and Aiden LOVES it.

Although it's no Mustang, he can still get up and go in this thing!

Round and round he goes. Where he stops nobody knows!!!

This is fun!!!

Aiden has a new game where he likes to drop things on the ground and see how many times mommy will pick it up.

This is Boo laying on the steps so Aiden doesn't run over her in his walker. The dogs act like their running for their lives when Aiden gets in that thing.

Hercules was waiting for Aiden to get up from his nap....

I guess he got tired of waiting!


Anonymous said...

Aiden is getting so big and Hercules is so cute!
love ya,

Mimi said...

I cannot believe how fast Aiden is growing!! He looks so precious in that walker. Poor Boo and Hercules...they don't have a chance! We miss you SO much. We have to decide on a weekend VERY soon! (Before he is walking on his own!) love you, Mimi