Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and more.....

We had a wonderful weekend.  It's so nice to actually have fall weather and be able to enjoy being outside.  We went with some friends to the pumpkin patch on Sunday.  It was so much fun.  They had so much for families to do with the hay rides, corn maze and tons more activities.  We got there kind of late so we weren't able to do too much, but here are some pictures of what we did get to do.  

Please look at Aiden's face.  He was so excited on the way up there.  He kept turning around and smiling at us.  It was hilarious.  
Still smiling....
We let him out to see the goat.  Every time he sees a four legged furry animal he thinks it's Boo. So he's standing here saying "Boo Boo" and wondering why it won't come up to him!  
His first John Deere ride
"What do I have to push to get this thing to go?"
Caleb, Cade and Aiden on their John Deere's.
Aiden enjoying the ride
The guys and their boys: Jerry and Caleb, Jonathan and Aiden and Craig and Cade.
The girls and their boys: Julie and Caleb, me and Aiden and Jordan and Cade.
The kiddos
Riding through the corn maze

Where are the pumpkins????  Well we ran out of time to go see all the pumpkins....maybe next time!


Rhonda said...

Those pics are sooo cute, especially the John Deeres!!!

Ron & Margie said...

PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS!!! No other word describes these pics! Can't wait to see you again. Being Aiden's Grammy is pure joy! Oh, how I love my GRANDS! God is so good!
Love you! Grammy