Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bargain shopping...

We had some consignment sales around here last week and I was so happy about all my bargins that I had to share.  I got everything below (shorts, t-shirts, polos, 2 jackets, pants, shoes, car, bag, and a booster seat) all for a little over $100!!!!  I was so excited.  I love a good deal.  

Here are all the shorts I got.  I LOVE plaid shorts on little boys.  So I got a few of those.
Here are all the tops I got.  I think I counted 21!  
The shoes I got are from Stride Rite, Children's Place, LL Bean and Gap and all were like $3 or $4.  
I love these cute little seersucker pants.  
And this seersucker jacket will be so cute for church.
I can't pass up a funny t-shirt either, especially when it was only $1.
And I couldn't pass up this bag because it was Aiden's colors in his room and everyone knows a girl could use just one more bag.  
This car was only $10!!!  We will use it outside but on this day it was cold so I just brought it inside.  
This doesn't have anything to do with my bargin shopping, but I love this picture.  Aiden has been putting on Jonathan's hats and he loves wearing them.  I just thought it was so cute.  
It's a little too big for him right now.  
This what Aiden has been doing lately to let us know he is ready to eat.  He will push his high chair into the kitchen.  It's hilarious.  This boy is not afraid to let you know what he wants. 


The Proctors said...

You got some great things Julie! I love the consignment sales. I've already been to one and I'm going to another one tomorrow! Love that diaper bag...I used that material in Landon's nursery! Aiden is so adorable!

Mimi said...

WOW Julie, you really found some bargains!! I love the picture of him pushing his highchair. Tell him when Mimi gets there, he will not have to do that! I'll make sure he has something all the time! Hope to see you all soon. Take care and miss you so much. Much love, Mimi

The Walkers said...

Yay Julie! I have also been working/consigning like crazy and you are motivating me to put together a post on all my bargains! You got some great stuff! I am missing you to pieces!! PLEASE come home soon, or lets pick a weekend this summer for a long overdue visit!

The Bertram's said...

very impressive - you got cute stuff! I am all about a good consignment sale!

Corbin said...

whoa I am SO jealous! He will look SO cute in all of it!!!!

the boyd girls.... said...

Wow! I am all about the deals! Love a goof bargin! What cute cute stuff! Way to go! He will be soo precious in all those cute clothes!

Jill said...

So impressed with all your finds!!! I love plaid shorts too, I'm going to have to find a pair for Eli this summer!

erin elizabeth said...

I love a good deal too!!!!!!!!!!!!