Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

We hope everyone had a Blessed Easter.  We had a very low key one, but it still nice.  We went to church and then out to eat with some friends.   Here is Aiden ready for church.  Of course he couldn't let go of his soccer ball. 
This was Easter last year.  Wow, he has changed so much!  
Still won't let go of his soccer ball.
Poor Aiden has a scratch under his eye because his momma didn't clip his nails.  
The family Easter 09.  I don't love this picture but it was the only we got that day.  If you can't tell the sun was definitely in our eyes.  I think Aiden and I look more a like in this picture than we ever have.  Maybe it's because we're both squinting.  But we were thankful for the sun that day!  
"For by grace we are saved through is the gift of God."  Eph. 2:8


Ron & Margie said...

He DOES look so big!!! How could he change so much in 2 weeks??? Oh, I miss him sooooo much! Thanks for the beautiful pics! I love the one of the family, too. Love that Dogwood tree in the background! Love/Hugs, Margie

Corbin said...

Awwww great pics!!! We will be in NAshvagas on June5-7. Maybe we can get together!

Meredith said...

He really is growing up. SO handsome!