Friday, July 31, 2009

Interrupting our vacation pictures.....

to introduce (drum roll please)
Bryce Thomas Williams
Born at 12:57 pm
6 lbs 7 oz
20 in.

My twin sister had her little boy today and we couldn't be more excited. Her water actually broke this morning (which I hardly ever hear of anyones doing these days) at 2 am. She had a great delivery and is doing awesome. Her and the baby are both healthy and we're praising God for that. Bryce is just beautiful (it's okay if you say that about boys right now).
He was a very alert baby.

Look at those feet!
Aiden pointing to Bryce
Bryce and his favorite Aunt (just kidding Jill)
Aiden, Jonathan and Bryce
My dad, me and Bryce


Anonymous said...

Julie, Thank you so much for taking your time to post all the neat blog stuff of today's activities...and your vacation stuff...can't wait for the next part..We love you all and wish we could have been there....Thanks again, Darlene and David

carothers said...

Thanks so much for the pics! Beautiful baby boy! (Yes, it's OK to say that!!) Glad all are doing so well! Get a pic of the new family! Congratulations to all!

erin elizabeth said...

Congrats Aunt Julie!!!