Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guatemala take 2.......

Continuing on with our vacation to Guatemala, on Monday we headed to the beach for three days. It was about a 2 hour drive, not too bad. We stayed at this nice resort and even got a bungalow. When we got there they packed our bags in this extended golf cart and drove us to our room. Aiden thought that was so cool and the guy was nice enough to keep driving Margie and Aiden around the resort.
Here's Aiden all smiles
Our room was right by the pool. You can't tell by this picture, but on the right side is the kiddie pool that Aiden could stand up in and walk around and on the other side was the big pool. These blocks separated the two. Aiden had so much fun climbing on these blocks.

The beaches here are totally different than the Florida beaches I'm used to. The sand here is black. Something to do with the volcano ashes.....i think.....
After the pool we wanted to take Aiden down to see the beach.
He didn't really want much to do with it. He has a very tight grip on Pops.
Another picture of the beach.
Jonathan trying to put Aiden down in the sand.
Aiden not having anything to do with it!
The next morning we just hung around till it was time to go to breakfast.
Margie, Aiden and I went outside the room to wait on Ron and Jonathan to go to breakfast. Aiden was obsessed with all the rocks and was pointing out the "big rocks" to Gigi.
"Yay!!! There's my dadda."
Aiden eating his black beans. He loves black beans and I think he ate those for every meal. Black beans, cereal and yogurt.......isn't that what everyone has for breakfast.
Pops and Aiden walking back to the room after breakfast.
The family
Aiden pointing out the "fishies"
Trying on Pops' reading glasses.
Of course we had to have a popsicle while we were there.
Or as Aiden likes to say, "pop-ta-sicle"
Heading to the pool after breakfast. I love how Aiden is cheesing it in this picture.
Aiden was obsessed with finding bugs in the drains. And if anyone knows me knows that I just LOVE bugs. But Margie told me I have to get used to that with a boy. Not sure if I can ever get excited about seeing a bug.
I let them go "searching" without me.
After Aiden's nap we thought it would be fun to go ride 4 wheelers on the beach.
Pops and Gigi's turn to take Aiden.
Then pack to the pool.
Or as Aiden like to say it, "the Poooool". He liked to drag out the "o".
Hiding under the towel with Pops.
"How do these things work?"
"Oh yeah, I remember!"

Time to go back home. We headed back to the city on Wednesday afternoon. Aiden was just excited to ride in the golf cart again. This is him waiting while they loaded all our stuff.
Aiden loves elephants and sleeps with this one every night. He saw it in the back as they were packing the golf cart and thought it should stay with him up front.
And of course we had to stop for ice cream on the way home.
And that made someone VERY happy.

Stay tuned for "the last but not least" part 3 of our trip.


Anonymous said...

These pics are awesome! That resort looked so nice!

julia said...

What a great vacation! And, Aiden, I'll eat black beans for breakfast any day! You're such a big boy now.