Friday, December 4, 2009

Where do I start?????

Wow, I get the "Bad blogger of the Year" award. We've had so much going on the last couple of months I don't even know where to start. I haven't been the best at taking pictures either, but I do have a lot from a trip we just took. Let me start with October......

This was about all I could get Aiden to wear for Halloween this year. He would NOT wear his costume. We went over to some friends house to trick or treat and I thought when he saw all the other kids dressed up that he would want to, but NO he had no interest in it this year.
We were spending a lot of time at the zoo when the weather was nice. Aiden loves making a stop at the petting zoo area.
Petting the goats
This was one morning before school. He LOVES giving me that cheesy smile. It just makes me want to crack up.

The week before Thanksgiving all the Carothers took a family trip to Branson. Jonathan's parents came in from Guatemala and everyone met up there. Ron and Margie got a house for us all to stay in that was so nice. We all had our own bedroom AND bathroom. It was perfect. We stopped in NLR on the way so that my parents could watch the dogs and we met Kristen and Ben there and rode up with them the rest of the way. We put Aiden's carseat in their car so he could ride with his cousins. They had so much fun. Kristen and I got the privilege of driving all three kiddos!
Aiden and Bella are 11 months apart and they had so much fun together. This is them riding one of those cars you put quarters in and it goes back and forth. A.K.A cheap entertainment! We were shopping at the outlets this day so we had to find something to keep them happy.
Little Norah Kate is 8 1/2 months old and was crawling everywhere. Aiden and Bella wanted to crawl around with her.

Sweet Norah Kate
Aiden painting an angel for our project that night.
Jonathan helping Bella paint her angel.
Jonathan came up with this creative idea to have make a nativity scene out of all wood and let us all paint our own. They were so neat. This unfortunately wasn't ours, (I think this was Ben and Kristen's) because I'm not the best at painting and kind of messed ours up. But you get the idea. It was fun fellowship time!
On Tuesday we did Christmas with everyone. This is all the kids opening up their stockings. (If you can't tell by the picture, all us girls wear the same pjs on Christmas day.)
Aiden digging into his stocking.
Gigi helping Aiden open some of his gifts.
One of his favorites was definitely this recorder.....also one of the loudest gifts he got.
Bella playing her recorder.
Bella and Aiden going at it playing their recorders.
Someone is worn out from all the playing.
This is his "Mom, seriously stop taking pictures" face. He must have learned that from his dad.
Little Brooks opening up some of his gifts.
Norah Kate surrounded by her stuff. She even has her purple scarf on! So cute.
Playing with his train that Gigi and Pops brought from Guatemala.
Isn't that such a sweet little face?!?! Cute little Brooksie (as Bella likes to call him).
Precious Norah Kate watching everyone at the table.
We even got in a game of golf fish with Bella.
It must have been cold because we're all still wearing our scarves we got that morning from Ron and Margie :)
Kristen and Bella
That night we bundled up and went and looked at Christmas lights.
Another day of shopping means another day of trying to find things to entertain the kids.

Ron and Margie were still here the week of Thanksgiving so we met them at David and Nekayeh's house in Jackson. We had a wonderful time and the food was excellent.
Aiden and Norah Kate
Norah Kate trying to get closer to the camera :)
Aiden waiting on Norah Kate to come back so they can take more pictures together.
Gigi and Aiden
Pops carrying Aiden around while we went shopping Friday night.
Thank you for such a wonderful time in Branson Ron and Margie. It was so fun for us all to be together again. Looking forward to the next time.

I've started putting up our Christmas decorations and Aiden has been obsessed with this little gold tree. I guess because it's just his size. He's also been obsessed with this hat my sister brought to him this summer. Since she's living in Texas now she thought Aiden needed a Texas hat.
Aiden saying "Yeehaw!!!"
And we'll finish off with the famous big grin (that makes me have a big grin)!!!!


The Walkers said...

Well, I was going to text you and say that all I want for Christmas is for you to update the blog and I got it!! Great post! Now all I want for Christmas is to see you and your cute little belly!!!

Ron & Margie said...

Thanks for posting all the great memories! Not sure why I didn't get all of these pics?! Guess they were still on your camera! These are great calendar pics so please email some to me! It was such a great time together. I missed you all the moment we walked out of your door that morning. Can't wait until the next time! It won't come soon enough! Love/Hugs, Gigi

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what wonderful precious memories... I love the photos and I love each of you. So happy and thankful you have are able to spend time together.

Merry Christmas....Love to you all.