Sunday, December 2, 2007

3 months...

First of all I want to apologize for being so behind on my postings! This has been entirely too long! I will be better. This is the reason for me being so behind.....

Usually after I get home from work and feed Aiden we both crash! Jonathan took this picture the other night and I didn't even know he was taking it. I guess we know where Aiden gets his good sleeping habits from.

Last week Aiden was 3 months! Wow, time has flown by. This shirt he has on could not describe him any better. He is definitely a "Little Version of Daddy". He looks just like him. Aiden has really started to smile a lot, which is adorable, and we are having so much fun with him. His little personality is really starting to show.

Here's so more pictures from last week.

At 3 months Aiden is:
1. Eating like a champ! His doctor said we could start him on rice cereal at either 14 pounds or 4 months. I think he's reaching the 14 pounds before he'll reach the 4 months. We might be starting it soon!
2. Smiling all the time. He especially loves when his daddy sings to him. Whenever his mommy tries he looks at me like he's scared.
3. He is still sleeping great through the night. I have to go in there and wake him up every morning at 6:00 to feed him. He is usually always sucking on his fingers then. It's so cute.......which brings me to...
4. He loves his fingers. He definitely his over his paci. He will not even think about taking it. If he's upset he'll just stick his fingers in his mouth and that usually calms him down. It's least for now.
5. He loves riding in the car, except for he likes us to be in constant motion. If I have to make a stop then he'll start getting upset, but once I start moving again he's fine. This doesn't happen every time we're in the car, just alot!

We are so thankful for our little boy. He has been such a blessing to us and I can't imagine our life without him. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving (I haven't posted about it). I realized, though, that I didn't get any pictures with my camera, they were all taken with my sisters. I'll have to get her to send me some so I can post from that day.


Corbin said...

FINALLY!!! I have been looking for new pics everyday!!! He is so cute!!! I can't wait to see all your catch up post! Looks like everyone is doing well!!!!

The Eisele Family said...

He's growing so much. I love the shirt about looking like daddy-it's definitely true!