Monday, December 3, 2007

Thanking God for our precious little gift...

Yesterday we had Aiden's dedication at church. Our church does it on Sunday afternoon's because there are so many babies that there aren't enough Sunday's in a year to do it at the morning service. We had a wonderful group of friends come support Aiden. My sister Kristy and her husband Paul were able to come too.

Kristy took this picture and if you can't tell she's not the photographer in the family. The picture is a little blurry, but I just wanted to show everyone how precious Aiden was. He was looking at everyone out in the audience. So cute!

Me, Kristy and Aiden

Jonathan, our pastor Mike, Aiden and me

The "A" team. These were a group of our friends that came to support us. We really appreciate everyone that came. There were a couple of friends that I work with that came too, but aren't in the picture. You all mean so much to us since not all our family could be here.

Aiden was worn out before it was even over. It's hard work getting your picture taken so much.

We went out to eat afterwards and he was wide awake and playing by now.


Corbin said...

Congrats Aiden!!!

erin elizabeth said...

I love that little outfit! I can't wait to kiss that face at Christmas!

The Harringtons said...

oh Julie he is precious! I am just now getting around to checking everyones blogs and I cannot believe how much i have missed not reading them! Anyway, he is a gorgeous baby and so lucky to have such great Christian parents!

The Walkers said...

How special! What a lucky little guy he is to have you as parents. I know how important that day is and I am so thankful that friends and family were able to be there. I promise I will help you raise Aiden in any way I can!