Thursday, July 24, 2008

Next stop....NLR!

I had to break the trip into two post because there were so many pictures.  So look at my post below and you'll see the Shreveport pictures.  After our trip to see Jonathan's family we came back to my parents house.  Jonathan left Aiden and I there for the week so we could visit friends and family.  BUT, of course, I left my charger for my camera battery in Jonathan's bag so towards the end of the week my camera died.  But I got some good pictures until then....

Erin had all our OBU friends over and we managed to get all the kids on the couch to get a picture: Karoline, Aiden, Sydney, Maddox and Addison
I love how Aiden and Sydney are clapping in this one.  So cute. 
Me, Aiden, Dayle and Karoline  (Aiden looks real excited in this picture.  I think he was tired of taking pictures by now)
Cute Sydney stylin' in her purple sunglasses
Me & Aiden
Aiden trying to figure out why nothing is coming out of this fake bottle.  Poor guy.
Do you think they got caught doing something they weren't supposed to be doing?!?!
Aiden showing off his new walking skills.  While we were in Arkansas he really started walking more.  
Emily and Addison
Katie and Aiden
Laura, Amber and Karoline
Me, Aiden, Lauren and Sydney
Erin and Sydney (and Karoline in the background)
Aiden was obsessed with Emily that night.  He would not leave her alone.  I didn't know if I should laugh or be worried.
So innocent......yeah right!

The next day Aiden and I spent all day with my sister Jill and nephew Carter.  We had so much fun and of course we had to make a stop at Target.  
Aiden just thought Carter was the best thing since sliced bread.   He had so much fun with him.  He's trying to figure out where Carter has gone.  Carter's 4 1/2 and he doesn't stay in one place very long.  
Erin came by my parents to see Aiden again.  
I stole this off Erin's blog because I loved it so much.
 Aiden helping Papa John cook.
On Thursday Carter came over to spend some more time with us.  My mom was off this day so we had lots of fun together.  
Carter giving Aiden a hug......ahhh!
Good thing my parents dog, Baxter, likes kids.  Aiden kept trying to pull his collar off.  We don't put collars on our dogs so Aiden couldn't figure out what Baxter was wearing.  
That day we took Aiden and Carter to get their pictures made in matching outfits.  They were so cute. 

Lauren had some of our high school friends over so I stopped by for a little bit.  This is where my camera died :(  I did manage to get this one picture of John Austin.  He was a doll.
I got this picture off Corbin's blog.  
Aiden, JA, Carlee, Sydney, Greer, and Caroline

So that's all I got.  I know it's a lot, but I was sad my camera wasn't working at the end of the week.  Aiden and I got to see so many friends and family while we were there.  Then on Saturday my mom, Jill and Carter took us back to TN to my Aunt and Uncle's house and Jonathan picked us up there.  We stayed the night there and had a great time.  I wish I had pictures to prove it.  Lesson learned....always make  sure you have your charger!
Thanks for a great time in Arkansas.  Don't worry, we'll be back soon y'all!  


The Walkers said...

We had so much fun seeing you guys. I got spoiled! 3 times in just a few days! Miss you already!

erin elizabeth said...

I was so good to have you have to do it again ASAP!

Corbin said...

I am so glad we finally got together even if it was for a little bit!

Meredith said...

Look at all those cute babies! Glad you had such a wonderful visit.