Thursday, July 10, 2008

What we've been up to...

We've been up to a lot lately (except blogging!).  I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since the last post.  We've been busy......or maybe just not taking very many pictures!  I'm trying to get better I promise.  Here are some things we've been doing lately....

We love going to the park and swinging.   
"Why isn't this thing going anywhere?"
"Yay!  Finally someone pushed me!"  
Aiden loves watching Veggie Tales...the sing-a-long videos.  Sometimes he gets a little too close to the tv.  But it does keep his attention almost the whole 30 minutes!  
Within the last week Aiden has been taking a few steps without holding on to anything.  Yesterday I counted 6.  Hey, that's a start.  He's been walking around holding on to the furniture for a while now and I feel like he is so ready to just take off.  Maybe in the next few weeks he will.  
Aiden loves some cheese.  I remember in college when Jennifer used to say "You eat cheese you wear it!"  I think he was taking it literally...
"What?  You eat cheese you wear it?  I don't get it mom!"  
Aiden loves playing with the exercise ball.  He uses it as his walker.  Oh well, at least it's getting used by someone in this house.  Unless you call Jonathan using it as a foot stool getting used!  
"AHHHHH!  Caught ya!"  I think this was taking right after we got back from our trip and hadn't put our luggage up.  It cracks me up because it looks like Aiden just got caught doing something he knew he wasn't suppose to be doing!  And I love how his belly is hanging over his diaper.  It just cracks me up.
Watching Veggie Tales.....again!   He looks so serious.
The other day we went out to eat with some friends I used to work with.  I had them take a picture of the two of us because we never get our picture together since I'm the one usually taking the picture.  
Me and Aiden
Rhonda, Lana and Kim....I miss you girls
Tanya and me


The Walkers said...

I love that his sweet personality comes through in pictures!!! I can't WAIT to hang out next week and see him in person! Have a good weekend and call us when you arrive home!

erin elizabeth said...

I love those cheeks! Can't wait to see you!!!