Sunday, September 21, 2008

The big P-A-R-T-Y....

We had Aiden's birthday party at our house and just had some close friends and family over.  Jonathan grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and we all had a wonderful time.

The birthday cake, which was a cupcake cake.  It matched the invites.  I thought it turned out so cute.
Aiden making his rounds saying hi to everyone (with Papa John's help).
The family!

My Uncle Bill and Aunt Judy
My cousins Mark and Andy 
Of course Aiden's girlfriend Madelyn was there
Granddaddy Ron with Aiden
Mimi, Grammy, and Papa John

Some of our friends from small group at church
My sister-Kristy, My sister-in-law-Nekayeh, and Margie
Nekayeh, Margie, and me
Me and Kristy

Now it's cake time!  He didn't dig into it like I thought he would.  I was trying to show him what to do...
He kept wondering why everyone was looking at him while he was trying to eat!

Present time....
Of course he was more interested in the box that the gift came in rather then the actual gift!  

This book was so cute!  
Aiden received so many wonderful gifts, books, clothes and toys.  We are truly so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

But I do think one of his favorites was this piano...
"Is this thing on???"
"I'd like to give a shout out to everyone that came today!"
Mimi and Grammy with Aiden
Granddaddy Ron and Papa John with Aiden

Stay tuned for "OMG my baby is 1" and "The Carothers take over Destin 2008"......I'm too tired to post anymore tonight.  It's way past my bed time.  


erin elizabeth said...

So fun and I love Aiden's new haircut!!!

Meredith said...

What a fun party! The cupcake cake was adorable. I love all the pictures, especially the ones of him eating the cake. Happy Birthday Aiden!

Anonymous said...

You do such a GREAT job with this blog! Your comments are so sweet and descriptive and pics are precious. You may not be keeping a baby book, but you sure are blogging Aiden's life! It will be a great memory for you all. We are loving the time with you guys. Aiden is PURE JOY!!!

Love, Grammy Margie