Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last week at the Carothers...

So we've been pretty busy lately (just like everyone else) so I haven't been blogging much.  But here's what we were up to last week.  (We went to Arkansas for Thanksgiving and I managed to get no pictures...oops!  But we had a great time seeing family and friends.)  

All Aiden wants for Christmas is my cooking utensils!  He has been obsessed with them.  He doesn't just want a few, he wants to play with them all.  He has the biggest smile in this picture because he's so excited that he can't contain himself.  (I think this picture is funny because Erin used to always make fun of me smiling and showing my tongue and Aiden is doing the same thing I used to do when I smiled.  So Erin, this picture is for you!!)
Aiden is finally fitting into these cute puma's I got him a couple of months ago.  I got them at a church consignment sale for $3!!!  Gotta love a bargain!  
This is him trying to make a get away while I'm making his lunch in the kitchen.  That little guy is fast.  We call him our little wild man......very appropriate these days!  
While Aiden was at Mother's day out on Tuesday I stood in line all morning for Rachael Ray's book signing.  This is me and my friend Julie with Rachael's newest book "Big Orange Book" or as Rachael likes to refer to it as "Bob".  I love her and it was so fun to actually get to see her in person.
You couldn't get a picture with her while she was signing your book, though.  You could only stand behind this robed off part to take a picture.  She signs like 1,000 books in 3 hours....crazy!  So I guess I understand why she can't stop to pose for 1,000 pictures as well!  
Then on Thursday we got our first snow!  Totally unexpected.  It started coming down around 4:30 and didn't stop till about 7.  It was so pretty.  I was bummed because we missed Jonathan's work party because the streets were too dangerous to get out on.  But I guess we always have next year!  


Corbin said...

Love the new header!!!

The Walkers said...

I love the new header too! Please email how to do that?!?!

Jill said...

I love the new look!!! Good Job!!!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas...and maybe one day we can get our boys together when you're in town!

julia said...

I like your shoes, Aiden. I bet you can get away from mommy really quickly now!

Circle Of Popes said...

Thanks for looking! It looks like we know some of the same people.
:-) I hope you and your family have a great Christmas! I'm sure your little boy will love it this year.

Circle Of Popes said...

Hey Julie! Yes that is us! Keri and I were sorority sisters and Jeff and I were actually neighbors in college. Thank you so much for the compliments.
Your little boy is so, so cute!!
I LOVE the fall pictures that were taken of him!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aiden. Those shoes look like you drive race cars. Poor guy. I guess Uncle Ben will need to show your mom whats cool to wear!