Monday, December 22, 2008

Visiting Santa...

Last Friday Aiden and I went to see Santa for his first time.  We stood in line for almost an hour, but it didn't seem to phase Aiden.  He ran around checking everything and everyone out.  He had his blanket and some snacks, so he was happy.

Still checking everyone out.  Everyone else's kids waited patiently in their strollers or right by their parents side, but not Aiden.  I didn't even bother bringing in his stroller because I knew it would just be another thing I had to keep up with.   He would never just sit in his stroller if we weren't moving.  Oh well, he had fun!  
And finally, the picture with Santa. ( I had to take a picture of the picture because we don't have a scanner.)  Well he really didn't get the full Santa experience, which I'm kind of sad about now. He was actually sitting in my lap, but it looks like he is sitting on Santa's and they just cropped me out.  

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Rhonda Rae said...

so cute thats is how we had to do Robby he sat on jannas lap and if u look at my blog you will see we got no where near a smile.