Monday, May 24, 2010

Kennedy Anne Carothers is here!!!

Kennedy Anne Carothers was born on May 10th at 9:20 am, weighing 7 pounds 7 oz and 19 in. long. She is two weeks old today, wow it's already gone fast. We have had family here the last two weeks so I haven't had much time to put these pictures up. My parents were here the first week and were a huge help with Aiden and then when I got home from the hospital. Jonathan's parents came the second week and were also a huge help with Aiden and Kennedy. We couldn't have done it without the grandparents, just wish one of them lived closer. Here are a few pics from her birthday and the past two weeks.
First picture while the nurses cleaned her up.
This is the last picture of our family of 3! Aiden has on the Big Brother shirt Jonathan wore when his little brother was born. I'm so glad Margie saved it so we could use it!
Our newest addition. Yay!
Jonathan and Aiden kissing Kennedy. So sweet.

I love this picture (of Aiden and Kennedy, not so much me). Aiden is holding on so tight and if you look real close it almost looks like Kennedy is smiling.
This is Aiden and Kennedy's newborn shots. Just wanted to show you how much they look alike. I feel like she looks just like he did as a baby.
Gigi was here to help me take Kennedy to her 1 week appointment. Here she is with Aiden while we wait for the doctor. Aiden has on his Guatemala soccer shirt that he LOVES!
Someone is not too happy about being at the doctor.
Gigi comforting Kennedy.
All better....
Aiden keeping us entertained while we waited for the doctor.
This was precious. Aiden wanted to watch our doctor check Kennedy out. He wanted to make sure she was doing it right. He kept saying, "This is my baby sister!" Oh so sweet.
After the doctor we made our first outing with Kennedy to Target! That was Aiden's first outing so it definitely had to be Kennedy's.
Kennedy came home from the hospital in this dress. It was the dress I came home from the hospital in almost 31 years ago. I think it's so neat that my parents found it and that she was able to wear it too.
She's been doing a lot of this.....which is nice. I'm not complaining.
All dressed and ready to go.
She loves her swing.
Aiden "checking" on Kennedy to make sure she's alright. He's been such a good big brother.
This is Ron and Aiden doing their handshake. It was hilarious.
Ron and Margie with Kennedy and Aiden the morning they left.
We are so thankful to have Kennedy here. She is just precious and such a joy. We feel so blessed that God has given us two healthy and beautiful children. We are also thankful for our parents that helped us the first two weeks while I got to feeling better and helped keep Aiden entertained (which is a full time job!). More pics coming soon!!!


Nekayeh said...

Such a beautiful family! I didn't know about Ron & Aiden's handshake...I laugh so hard every time I think about that!!! Ha Ha!!!

Aunt Kristen said...

Beautiful blog! Such a great looking family. Can't wait to meet Kennedy!

The Walkers said...

Great blog post- I agree with everyone that you guys are a beautiful family! OK so the pics from the hospital, I didn't see the Aiden face but now I do!!! SO SO SO sweet that they look alike!!! She is beautiful and I am so impressed with how much you have gotten done already! Can't wait til I get to meet her in person!

the boyd girls.... said...

She is just precious!!! Love the newborn shots hanging too! Good luck with 2! You will do great!