Tuesday, August 7, 2007

35 1/2 weeks

I'm starting to go to the doctor weekly now. Today she started checking me to see how far along I am. I am 50% effaced, but I am not dilated yet. She did say he was dropping, which she said was good. Next week they are doing an ultrasound to see how much he weighs. She said he is head first, so that's also good. I have been sleeping pretty good still (I'm not one to miss my sleep), but a little uncomfortable. But how can you not be uncomfortable with temperatures in the 100's!!! I didn't pick the best time to be pregnant! I am still working on the room and waiting until it's completely done to post pictures (so please be patient). Little by little it's getting done. I'm just so exhausted all the time.

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Meg and Grant said...

I can't believe Aiden will be making his grand entrance soon!!! I know you're sooo ready, Julie! I don't know how much more patient I can be waiting on his room pics...I'm dying over here!!! Love you!