Monday, August 13, 2007

Shower at work

This picture is for Amber......I look huge!!!)

Lana & Jonathan more interested in watching tv!

I had my shower at work last Friday and I have one word to say about it.....WOW! We got so much stuff!!! We were so overwhelmed by all the generosity. Jonathan even got to come for it and so did my sister Kristy. We are so blessed to have such great friends in Nashville and I'm so blessed to work for such a wonderful company. Thanks to my friends at work that put on an awesome shower. Little Aiden doesn't know how blessed he already is.......but we'll be sure to tell him.


A & A said...

JCC! Thank you so much for the picture!!!!!!!! I think you are adorable!!!!!!

Hey, I just got back from Florida, and I bought you a little something while I was there! Destin always reminds me of you and our trip of 2000!! :)

The Harringtons said...

Julie you look so cute!! It looks like you had a really great shower!

erin elizabeth said...

I'm so excited you got so much stuff! Why is that picture for Amber? I'm pretty sure Dayle and I have been harassing you too! You look so cute and I can't wait to meet baby Aiden.

Jen said...

Julie! I am so gald you finally posted a picture! You look adorable!! I can't believe Aiden will be here in 2 weeks!!! Oh my brother is having a baby!
Love you