Friday, October 19, 2007

Aiden wants to share something with you...

Or maybe she's just nuts!!!

Another great Target find that I couldn't resist!
I love how in this picture Aiden really is looking at me like I'm nuts! Only over him!


erin elizabeth said...

You should go ahead and pick up one of those for Laura b/c when she has a kid I'd love to see them wearing that. Not because she's nuts, but because she hates squirrels! So cute! And Julie...we're all a little nuts!

Margie Carothers said...

HE IS GROWING SO FAST! That shirt actually fits him! OH! I MISS HIM SO MUCH!


The Eisele Family said...

Love it Julie! You've got to love Target. I got the one that said "My mommy rocks-me to sleep". They didn't have the squirrel in Thomas' size. Aidan is such a cutie!